Did you ever want to see some shit a guy you’ve never met cranked out when he was feeling vaguely creative? Well, today’s your lucky day, friend! I have just the web site for you:

Fart Depot dot Biz?

Yes, that’s right. Fart Depot dot Biz.

That’s a weird name

You know I hadn’t really noticed until you pointed it out, but yeah, I suppose you’re right. It is a little weird isn’t it. Most websites are named something like warranty now void dot com or mail dot google dot com or https colon slash slash twitter dot com slash bransonreese slash status slash 1367937069494849536. But this one is different. It’s called Fart Depot dot Biz.

What’s it mean?

It means it was the first combination of semi-random words I could think of that were also available on Twitter, Instagram, and as a domain.

Why biz? Is this a business?

Namecheap was doing a promotion on .biz names when I went to go buy fartdepot.com and it looked extremely funny so I bought that one instead.

I dunno! Maybe! Oh wait I already made some that isn’t.

So, no.

I wouldn’t be complaining, I’m into that sort of thing

Alright, man.

What’s the point of this?

It doesn’t have any particular one, really. It’s a place for me to put the more creative stuff I do that doesn’t fit in on any of the other websites I own. It’s less about getting people to look at it and more about feeling like I’m doing something with it. Without some kind of outlet for it, I don’t really feel motivated to actually make stuff, which is a shame because I really do enjoy it! So whether anyone ever actually reads or looks at any of this is sort of beside the point. The fact that it exists means it’s already fulfilled it’s purpose.

Other websites?

I have a personal blog-ish site: pettazz.com which is mainly for the kind of fucking around that’s adjacent to my career as a Software Engineer.

I also have a shits and/or giggles one: Warranty Now Void which is a place for myself and a few of my friends to collaborate on the dumbest shit you’ve ever seen that makes us laugh until we puke.

Who are you?

I’m this guy: pettazz.com. I realize that’s sort of a non-answer but what you have to understand here is that I generally hate talking about myself. So like, figure it out from there.

I have an idea for something you could make do you want to hear it?

I do not. Make your own website, it’s not that hard these days.

What was the prefix code of the USS Reliant during the Genesis Device Incident?


What’s the posting schedule like?

There is absolutely not one, they’re just gonna happen when they happen.

Can I email you more questions?

Yes my address is press@joebiden.com.